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Private collection — Only you can see the contents
Koleksi sulit — Hanya anda yang boleh melihat kandungan-kandungan
[Private] {{title}}
[Sulit] {{title}}
On creators control how their project pages look. The built in browser lets you download and install games while exploring the <a>unique page designs of our creators</a>.
Dalam, pereka dapat mengawal reka bentuk halaman projek mereka. Pelayar yang dibina masuk memberikan anda peluang untuk memuat turun permainan video sambil anda terokai <a>reka bentuk halaman pereka kami</a>.
Browse games like the creator intended
Cari permainan sepertimana yang dikehendaki pencipta
Learn more about the development of the app <1>in our community</1>. Share feature requests and general feedback with other members of If you're a programmer then you'll be glad to hear that the entire project is <2>open source on GitHub</2>, we look forward to your pull requests.
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Want to contribute? <a>View the source on GitHub</a>
Ingin menyumbang? <a>Lihat sumber di Github</a>
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For <1>Windows</1>, <2>macOS</2>, and <3>Linux</3>
Untuk <1>Windows</1>, <2>macOS</2>, dan <3>Linux</3>
The itch app is available in over 20 languages, thanks to the community! <a>Learn more about translating</a>
Perisian itch tersedia dari lebih 20 bahasa, atas bantuan komuniti! <a>Pelajari lebih tentang penterjemahan</a>
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