Install, update and play indie games
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itch, the desktop app for indie games
itch, perisian desktop untuk permainan indie
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The app, <s>itch</s>, lets you effortlessly download and run games and software from All of your downloads are kept in a single place and are automatically updated. Access your collections and purchases, or browse for new games via the in-app browser.
Perisian, <s>itch</s>, membolehkan anda memuat turun dan main permainan serta perisian dari Semua muat turun disimpan di satu tempat dan dikemas kini secara automatik. Akses koleksi dan pembelian anda, atau cari permainan baharu melalui penyemak imbas dalam-perisian.
Install, update and play indie games
Pasang, kemas kini dan main permainan indie
Not only will the games you've installed automatically update, the app itself will automatically transform as we launch new functionality and features. Games using our new command line tools will generate <em>delta patches</em>, ensuring that you only download what's changed when new games come out.
Always updated
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You can sync any browser based games right into the app, letting you play them offline whenever you want. Once you're back online you'll be able to grab any updates if necessary.



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Install, update and play indie games
Pasang, kemas kini dan main permainan indie
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